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In Vienna, it used to be that the sidewalks were rolled up at ten o‘ clock at night. Nightlife was non-existent except for the underground and a few discos. Special events were a rarity. In 1994, the city made a decisive move that changed all that. The gates of the venerable city hall were opened to a vibrant youth and club culture. Since then, ParadiseCity has become THE annual party event of Vienna. The best promoters in techno, HipHop, crossover, Britpop, underground, and even pop compete to have their acts perform at ParadiseCity and be part of the action. The list of participating clubs and organizers has grown long over the last several years: Biosphere, Stargate, Radio Energy, FM4 Fest, Fabrik, Soulsugar, BoomBap, Wicked Soundclash, Panic, Iceberg, XXX, Hoscheks Cruiser, Adrenalin, FutureGenerationTour, Springbreak Europe, Summersplash, Club Couture and many more… All in all, the list includes more than 600 performing DJs, acts, and live bands. Once a year, celebrate with six clubs without any disagreements among promoters. And the party goes on . . . but not just at ParadiseCity, but in all of Vienna. A vibrant club culture has been successfully established. . .

In 2015, ParadiseCity is scheduled for October 31 for the 21st time and will therefore be:

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„Europe’s biggest Halloween Party“

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